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Pawsitive Alliance’s Shelter Spotlight

Pawsitive Alliance works across Washington to help homeless pets find loving homes, and to prevent pets from becoming homeless. From August 15-18, Pawsitive Alliance is shining a spotlight on Motley Zoo Animal Rescue and the amazing work they do to help so many homeless pets in need, every day.  


Tune in to Pawsitive Alliance’s Shelter Spotlight event via their Facebook page and Instagram to learn about Motley Zoo, a foster-based rescue in Redmond and four of their adoptable cats and dogs!  

Motley Zoo are rock stars for rescuing 500 homeless animals a year, many with behavioral, emotional, or medical issues. Motley Zoo partners with many other rescue organizations, from Washington and beyond, taking pets who need specialized care to heal and be ready for adoption. Pawsitive Alliance is proud to spotlight Motley Zoo and four of their adorable and adoptable pets including:  

Ryan Reynolds (pictured above), a darling 2-year-old with a tough start to life. 

Joey King, a 2-year-old girl who gives the sweetest meows and needs to eat standing upright. 

Carole Bradshaw, a 2-year-old Husky/Collie mix with a zest for life and a valgus deformity which causes one leg to splay to the side, just adding to her charm. 

Sunspot Stopwatch who turns one-year this month! He was rescued from a bad situation and is just a sweet guy looking for some feline friends and caring humans. 

Tune in to Pawsitive Alliance’s social channels August 15-18 to learn more about Motley Zoo’s amazing work and these wonderful, adoptable cats and dogs!

They need you to share their stories to help them find their forever homes, someone who will cater to their individual needs and love them as much as they deserve! 

Be sure to check out Pawsitive Alliance and theri #WhyNotMePets at


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